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16 Февраля 2017 г.

Coffee & Tea International 2-2016

2 CALENDAR OF EVENTS NEWS 4 Russian Coffee & Tea Industry Event 2016: tight program and the new champions National TMCs 2016    Aftertaste of the Tea Masters Cup: 6 Belarus 7 Russia 8 Latvia  9 Ukraine 9 Czech Republic 10 Poland 11 Australia & New Zealand 11...

01 Августа 2016 г.


4 NEWS 10 CALENDAROFEVENTS 11 PR-NEWS ECONOMICS 16 Green Tea in the USA 18 Coffee in China 22 The Impact of the Price of Oil and the US Dollar Exchange Rate on Coffee Prices SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 28 Tea and flavonoid intake predict osteoporotic fracture risk in elderly Australian women: a...

09 Марта 2016 г.


CONTENT 2 CALENDAR OF EVENTS  4 NEWS ECONOMICS 20 Organic products: fighting against hot drinks market maturity REVIEW&STATISTICS 22 Green Coffee Imports by all Importing Non-member Countries SCIENCE 24 Tea consumption is inversely asso- ciated with weight status and other markers...

14 Августа 2015 г.


2015 is promising to be an interesting and quite challenging year for the coffee and tea industry. We are witnessing a period of low oil prices; this will definitely have an impact on the world economy, and most experts are busy trying to anticipate the coming changes. Without going into too much...

03 Февраля 2015 г.


The world is becoming obsessed with everything organic. Today, producers of the majority of food product categories have embraced organic; coffee and tea are no exception. More and more companies are coming on board, seeing, first and fore- most, an economic opportunity: after all, con- sumers of...

27 Июня 2014 г.


The only constant thing in this world is change and, frequently, not the kind of change that you were counting on...But isn’t this the very thing that makes life interesting? Of course, we all like stability and predictability, especially when things are going well and we want them to stay that way...

04 Февраля 2014 г.


When we come across persistent myths that are common among consumers, we must realize that the reason for this persistence is a torrent of easily accessible but contradictory information that rushes at people from all sides. A good number of myths are born of inter-segmental...

20 Августа 2013 г.


Lately, people have been asking me how we can combine a tea magazine and a coffee magazine into one publication. After all, from the botanical point of view, tea and coffee are two separate plants, and the beverages made from them have historically been competing with each...

10 Августа 2012 г.


Lately I have been thinking a lot about the calls to increase coffee and tea consumption that are often heard during promotional campaigns for these bever ages. Population growth and increasingly high standards of living in many populous countries push technological developments and lead to...

16 Марта 2012 г.


The Chinese New year is the final link in a long chain of holidays – so long, in fact, that one ends up feeling tired instead of refreshed. We are now ready to fly away on the Black Dragon: the year is promising to be dynamic and full of interesting events.  The year started with a big...

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